Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Open House Pizzazz (Project 2)

End of the Year Foldable Project

This is a great project to use at the end of the year.  Here is an overview, showing an example of the finished project, and the construction paper needed to create the foldable.
Let's start with the measurements:
2 sides (9x6)
1 middle (18x6)
1 back piece (12x9)
The sides:
Fold the sides in half.
Measure out 3 sections of 3 inches (only on one side of the fold).  Draw lines as seen in the picture below.

Cut on the lines you have drawn (but not past the fold). 

The middle:
*Fold the long piece in half, then fold the top edge down to meet the middle fold.
 Next, fold the bottom edge up to meet the middle fold.
This is basically the layout.

Glue the left side piece on first (with the flaps opening towards the left). 

Then glue the middle piece on.
 Finally glue the right side piece on (with the flaps opening towards the right).
 This picture helps you to know how to label the outside. 
And here is how to complete the inside.

This item, along with the printable pages can be found at my TPT store. 

You can also create the foldable and fill it with your own content.


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