Saturday, April 7, 2012

Creating Responsible & Respectable Online Students

So, while browsing online, I stumbled across an interesting site, and as a parent and a teacher, I was hooked!  This is a free K-12 site (but you need to join) that provides lessons and information, regarding students/children and Internet use.


To Compliment these resources, I created some hands on laptop/tablet pages to allow students to practice their online skills and etiquette, without even having to be online.  This could also provide real life writing practice.  A great way to teach students how to choose their words wisely!








Here are some of the links from Common Sense Media:

Safety and Security

Digital Citizenship


Digital Life

Privacy and Digital Foot Prints
Connected Culture
Respecting Creative Work
Sending Email
My Online Community
Rings of Responsibility
Turn wired students into great digital citizens
Stand up to cyber bullying with this free toolkit for educators

I hope that you will find this site and these resources useful!

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