Monday, April 9, 2012

An Art Project, Because....Spring Has Sprung!!

Well, my Spring Break is officially over as of tomorrow, and to ease the pain, I decided to come up with an art project to break up to tedious task of test prep...

Here are the materials I used:
3 sheets of thick white paper (I used card stock)
paint (water colors) and a paint brush
glue and scissors

These are the steps I followed, I took pictures for help clarify things.
Step One:  I painted on the 3 papers
Page 1- Flower Petals
paint with different shades of the same color
Page 2- Leaves and Center of flower
Paint 2/3 of the page with different shades of green for the leaves and fill the other 1/3 with shades of the color that will be used in the middle of the flower.

Page 3-Background that the flower will be mounted on
Paint with a blend of colors that are different than the flower petals or leaves….think of water, sky or grass
*Let all of the pages dry.
Step Two:
Use page one and cut out 4-5 large flower petal shapes, then 5-6 smaller petals, then a few even smaller petals, until all of the paper is used. 

Use page two and cut out several leaves of various sizes…try to use all of the paper.

Set the other part of this paper (that has the flower center parts painted on it), to the side…don’t cut it up yet.

Step Three: 
Arrange the largest 4-5 flower petal pieces evenly, so that their centers overlap in the middle.  Put a small amount of glue on the end of the petals (only where they overlap in the middle).  Do NOT over glue; only gluing the centers will allow the petals to pop up, giving the 3-D look.

Follow this process, arranging the smaller petals on top of the larger one, again, only gluing them down in the center as you over lap them.  Continue until all of the petals are arranged and glued into place.  Allow to dry.

Step Four:
Use the leaf pieces and arrange them evenly, peaking out from UNDER the edges of the flower.  When you like how they are arranged, put a smaller amount of glue on the leaves and attached them to the flower, ONE AT A TIME.  Continue until all of the leaves are used.

Step Five:
Cut out the center layered pieces for the flower, once done, glue them onto the center of the flower (this will cover up where you have glued all of the other pieces together)

Step Six:
Glue the completed flower onto the background piece of paper, and mount on a final sheet.

And there you have it…All Done!


  1. Oh my goodness! So beautiful!

    I'm in the middle of test-prep (strategies galore, ugh) and this will be a nice break! Thanks for sharing!

    Fun in Room 4B

    1. Your Welcome, Glad to be able to share!
      FYI, I'm your newest FB fan & blog follower!!

  2. This is such a beautiful project- perfect for Mother's Day or for an art history lesson involving Monet. Thanks for sharing such comprehensive step-by-step instructions and photos!

  3. I love it! What size paper did you use? It looks really big.

  4. The blue piece that the flower is mounted on is actually a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock paper.

  5. Beautiful! I found your post from Pinterest and started this project with my class today!


  6. Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!!! Just out of curiosity what age group would you do this project with?

    1. Amy, did you do this project? What age group/grade?

  7. Did this in my class today. The kids loved it soo much! They were beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  8. what grade did you use this lesson with? I LOVE it and plan to use it with at least one of my classes (I teach K-8th) in the spring with a tie to Georgia O'Keeffe. thank you for such a wonderful lesson!

    1. Linda, did you find out what grade this was? I'm thinking of doing with first grade, and I think it might be too complicated for them.

  9. I would love to share the photos I took of our art project inspired by this great project! I worked with 48 kids aged 8 and 9. We made a whole koi pond with your water lilies, koi and frogs. I just can upload pics here. It looks amazing! Hi from Denmark!
    Love, Henriette

  10. What grade was this? I need a spring flower project for first graders. Love this, but may be too complex.

  11. Ohhh trop beau !!! Very beautiful I love it !!
    Thank you