Saturday, April 27, 2013

School's (Almost) Out...Blog Hop, Give Away and a List of 18 End of the Year Freebies

The end of the year is already HERE and it is time to do a little blog hopping!!

As part of this blog hop, I have decided to share 18 End of the Year Freebies from TPT, that caught my eye…

This packet includes fun, engaging activities to keep your students motivated and learning at the end of the year. 
All you need to do is print out the pages have students color them and write about their experiences this past year. It's a great way to assess how their writing has progressed from their first day of class to now. 

3) DRAGONFLY CRAFTIVITY…Enjoy this craft idea during your insect unit or just for fun at the end of the year!
4) "Live & Learn" Life Lessons Class Activityfor Anytime or at the End of the Year - Common Core Aligned!
This is an inspirational, fun, and rewarding activity to share with your students!
5) WHEN I GROW UP…This is a basic item that I love to use both the first and last week of the school year. 

6) End of the Year Wordle Student Gift GuideA free guide to create meaningful, budget-friendly gifts for your students at the end of the year. Have each student (and yourself!) write one positive attribute for every student in the class. Then use those words to create a Wordle for every child. Print them out and put them in inexpensive dollar-store frames. Perfect! 

7) End of the Year Goal ContractHelp motivate positive behavior and good choices in your classroom with this cute poster full of ways to help your students have an amazing end to their school year.

8) What's the Scoop?: An End of the Year Activity

This freebie includes mini "What's the Scoop in ____ Grade?" posters (kindergarten to sixth grade) and eight "end of the year" prompts written on scoops of ice cream. 

9) Thank You Picture Book - An End of the YearActivity

A great writing activity for the end of the year is to have students create picture books starring themselves and the people who have helped them along the way. This project is sure to be a cherished item!

10) End of the Year Student Memory Book

Make sure your students remember the fantastic year they had in your classroom with this fun and creative memory book.

11) End of the Year Conversation Dice:  

This is a fun activity to get your students thinking about and discussing memories they made throughout the year. cube to talk with parents and peers about their experiences.

12) End of Year “What I Have Learned” PostcardActivity for Any Grade/Subject (FREE):  

End of Year Postcard! This fun assignment is great for any grade level and any subject area. 

13) Yearly Goal Capsule:  

This easy to store Yearly Goals Capsule enables students to determine their own goals for the school year. They can then return to them at the end of the year to determine their progress. 

14) Our Favorite Days...-An End of the Year ClassBook

15) Looking Back [End of the Year Reflection]

16) End of the School Year Poster Activity

This printable poster is a quick way for your kiddos to summarize the 2012-2013 school year. 

17) End of Year Facebook Page 12-13

This is a fun way for students to reflect on the year. Students can fill this out, and take it home to remember all the fun things that happened. 

18) In Twenty Years Writing Project


Thank you for stopping by and checking out these TPT Freebies!  Please take a few minutes to hop on over to these other great blogs and check out their end of the year posts and enter to win these great items on my FB Page...

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