Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Open House Pizzazz! (Project 1)

A Marvelous Math Project. . . 

With Open House is just around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I love doing Open House projects with my students!  Here is a great open house idea that was shared with me by a one of my friends & FABULOUS 5th grade teacher. 
Mrs. "S", incorporated her year end math review with some flip & foldable fun, turning it into an engaging project.  She provided each student with the criteria for the project, assigned them a chapter from the math book and let them “have at it”.

Here are some pictures of the end results:

This is what she started with so the students could see the different choices of foldables...
Here is an example of one she completed with the students...

She simply used her white board to display the pojects.

Here is the page she gave them, stating the project expectations:
I decided to “borrow” her idea and have my students do something similar.  I will be posting and sharing my student’s finished projects and the organizing pages we used,  this weekend.


  1. I love this review idea! I'm going to add this on my list of things to do next year! Thanks for sharing! :) I'm your newest follower. :)


  2. I use foldables with my kids a lot. Thanks for this post. I got new ideas!

  3. I love foldables, I love reviewing like this, and I love this idea!!!! You can even do it for an end of unit review rather than a *snooze* study guide!! New follower....


  5. I love this idea...I am going to give it a twist and use it all year long. I always make samples as I give instructions. Now I am going to complete and post on ongoing timeline like bulletin board. That way students who are absent or new could use to catch up and it would provide mini-anchor like charts for reference use.

  6. I found these blocks on Kickstarter and am definitely purchasing a set! They are all natural and the video is super cute. You have GOT to watch the video with your kids, it's Amazing!!


  7. I love this...is there a way to get the project as a document so I can read it and USE it!!

  8. These are amazing! I love what students can do when we give them a chance and the right tools! I teach at a homeschool co-op and we are going to do this with my Pre-Algebra class this next year. Thank you!