Saturday, April 14, 2012

“Flipping” for a Year End Review!

Explaining My Year End- Review Flip Books

What are your 'go to" resources for the end of the year, as you are attempting to review the entire year's content?  I wanted to effectively touch on each standard, without overwhelming my students, so I created these flip books, to help with this task.
I have had several requests to post more details about my year end, grade level, review flip books. Soooo, here it goes…..
After I folded and set up the flip book flaps, I literally used the old fashioned method of “cutting & pasting” with scissors and tape/glue.  I chose reinforcing, standards based, content, that in most cases, would provide more review information, than work.  
To create both books, I think I probably pulled from over 30 different resources.
I used my district’s focus standards, to prioritize and plan the content.  My goal was to provide a quick, focused review, using the flip books and then follow up with a targeted, hands-on and/or collaborative activity.    
For math, we used the flip book, and then students completed various math strips (see pictures), based on the data from the last benchmark (this helps to avoid wasting time and helps students to stay focused on meeting their personal goals).  They then follow our “Math Masters” process to check their work with a partner (see chart).  After that, they used various activities and or games to complete their review.
Math Review Support Pages (I cut them into strips and they only take what they need to focus on).
I have found this process very effective and motivating.  I don’t know about your yearly pacing schedule, but ours is brutal, and although we spiral throughout the year, it is nice to just take a chunk of time and let the students work with the standards in a fun, less pressured way.
Side Note:  For the typical, in class flip book, I generally just use plain white paper and have my students fold and assemble their own books.  The students then fill them in with the desired content, as instructed.

I created a set of directions and printable pages (it's a "rough" copy, not as nice as I'd like it to be, but it's a start) that may help you create your own flip books.
Since I had several requests to share pictures of the inside pages, here they are....

My Sample Math Flip Book Pictures:

My Sample ELA Flip Book Pictures:

Hope this helps!
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  1. What an amazing resource -- thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Amazing! This is such a smart idea. You should consider selling the content. I'd buy it in a skinny minute!


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    1. Thanks.... I didn't litereally cut and past to create the master copy, I probably would.

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  5. I agree with Elizabeth. I would LOVE to purchase these great study tools! Let us know when they are up for sell...

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  9. I see this blog is from 2013 and wonder if this product is now for sale since it has been a few years now.

  10. Nope...I am now in an administrative position, serving as a vice principal and International Baccalaureate Coordinator. Honestly, I think that students would be better served by grade levels teams collaborating together to create a review item specifically targeted towards meeting students' needs. Imagine the powerful learning experience the creation of items like this would be for educators and students alike!