Monday, May 14, 2012

Wrapping Up the Year, While Kick'n a New One Off!

End of the year Brochure for Primary Students

PRIMARY End of the Year Student Brochure Project
Ideal for wrapping up the school year and filling that time of the last few days of the school year, in a meaningful way.

Once completed, this brochure creates an easy starting point for the beginning of the next school year. Your routines, procedures and classroom systems are explained, by your current students, to your new students.

Students create a brochure at the end of the year, for next year’s incoming students, including the following information:
Being a Responsible Student
Homework Expectations
Fascinating Grade Level Facts
Coolest Things About Our Grade Level
Computer Lab
Being an Active Learner




  1. This looks like a fun set of activities for the end of the year!


    1. Thanks for visiting...Your Brochure Pages are on the way!!