Sunday, March 18, 2012

Confident Test Takers

Test Prep Paper Chains

**This activity can be used for individual students or as a group activity.
**These look great when copied on bright colored paper.

Suggested Front loading: Prior to providing the students with their papers, brainstorm test-taking strategies.
Discuss, together, what the strategies mean and how students can implemented.

The page is set up with 4 links per sheet. The strips can be pre-cut by the teacher or the students can locate the scissors icon and cut along the dotted line.

A week or more prior to testing have students complete the links, then each day, have students remove the bottom link and review what was written.
Students can then share their strategy with their table team or a partner (this is a good time to have them implement the Give One/Get One Strategy). 


  1. Do you have this printable posted somewhere? :) This looks great!


    1. This is a TPT item, if you click the words right above the picture it takes you to the item, but if you email me at message me through FB (my page is also called Working 4 the Classroom) I will send you the file, as a thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog.

    2. Do you also have the graph in your picture?

  2. Darn! I just found this idea, and our test starts on Monday...too late! What a bummer! Great idea, though!

  3. Pls tel me the link of ur fb page