Friday, March 22, 2013

The Impact of Technology....

I was asked to review an informational graphic about technology, by Allison Morris.  This graphic focuses on the important role that technology is playing for today’s teachers and how it’s changing our classrooms.

This graphic clearly displays how vital the implementation of technology has become, while at the same time, implying the huge underlying role that educator’s play, (regarding both academics and social etiquette).

I recently joined my district’s 1:1 classroom computer pilot program, and have had numerous “technological” thoughts bouncing around in my head.  Allison’s graphic, helped me to narrow my focus and articulate these thoughts as questions:

How has technology affected my teaching style?  How?
How has technology affected my management style?  How?
Has the use of technology become a "norm" in my daily lessons?  How/Why?
How has technology changed my planning and pacing?  How/Why?
What social etiquette standards regarding technology am I expecting my students to follow?
What are the most important technology based skills that my students need to master and how can I make this happen?
Is there a more efficient way to accomplish what is required, using technology?  How?
What is the best way to differentiate instruction using technology?  How?
Project based learning…..How can technology support & incorporate multiple content areas to accurately display what students have learned?  

Please take a look at Allison's graphic, she is looking for feedback.  Here is the link.....   Click Here For:

Whether we are ready to or not….It is time to truly embrace technology!

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  1. Hi Heather!

    I too, am a part of my districts laptop 1:1 initiative. It has been a year of trial and error! Next year all students get Chrome-books. I love the idea of technology in the classroom and it has been a year of trying out different lessons using tecchnology! I certainly hope that as teachers, we get training and learn how to effectively use computers and other forms of technology in the classroom. I also have tons of questions bouncing in my head regarding technology, but I am confident that with time, my questions will be answered!

    I am your newest follower and look forward to seeing great things from you :-)


    Bergin's Classroom

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