Saturday, September 22, 2012

Story Telling...Organizing Narrative Text

WOW!! I have not posted in forever (the start of this year has been a bit rougher than previous ones)....

BUT, it is time to get back into the groove!  

To get things going, here's a chart and freebie that my 4th graders are using to kick off our study of narrative text!

This is the chart we are using to review the basic elements of a story:

AndClick HERE for your Google Doc FREEBIE: 

I will be posting a new Author’s Purpose anchor chart and the supporting student foldable pages, within the next week or so, so check back! 


  1. This graphic organizer is awesome! I found your blog via Pinterest, and I wanted to check out your boards, but your link on the right doesn't work :(

    Happy to be follower #400!
    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  2. Hi Heather. I have a question - do you post daily objectives/learning goals? If so, what form are they in and how do you keep it short? It seems as though learning goals for everything that is covered in a day would take up so much space. Just trying to fully wrap my brain around this. Thanks!

    1. Sorry for the delay...I actually post my objectives weekly. I use a small pocket chart (from the dollar section at Target)and just change out the objectives as we move on or review. The objectives have been typed out in student friendly language.

  3. New follower! I already followed your facebook, but I didn't realize I wasn't following your blog! I saw your great charts on comparing across text. Such a complex idea - we're about to work on that soon, so I'm marking your chart!

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  4. Hi, just found your blog. I LOVE your narrative organizer, but the link isn't working. Could you e-mail it to me?

  5. Hi Heather
    This is a Nancy Fetzer strategy poster, make sure to give her credit. She's an awesome woman.

  6. Thanks for giving her credit to the fabulous Nancy Fetzer...Until I figure out (remember or reset) my password to my blog and email account...I'll use this post as a shout out to her!!